Zaks 01

Zaks, casting an evil spell. Boooo!

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The Evil Wizard Zaks is an evil wizard that loves casting evil wizard spells.


Zaks is easily identifiable by his dark robe, full dark beard and evil pointy hat. That and the dark spells that are usually emanating from his being. Found a guy at the top of an evil looking tower? It's probably Zaks.


Zaks is evil. He dislikes the Yolkfolk and wishes to enslave them, just like he did with Rockwart and the other trolls. Eventually he wants to rule all of Keldor!


Zaks appears to have almost limitless magic power - he can create destructive projectiles, use mind control and even entomb his enemies inside blocks of ice! He also appears to be able to regenerate, since he always comes back in each new game.


Zaks has unfortunately appeared in many Dizzy games, including: