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Theodore, the goodest of all good wizards.

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Theodore the good wizard is a helpful character, and the antithesis of the evil wizard Zaks.


Theo can be easily distinguished by his bright wizardly robes and hat, both adorned with magical stars. If any magic is going on, and it's not immediately apparently bad, you can bet Theodore is behind it!


Theodore came to Keldor once Zaks had started casting his evil spells. As a good wizard, he is sworn to fight evil - or at least help those who are already fighting! He's helpful and cheerful and can always give Dizzy a helping hand - if he can find him, that is!


Theodore is very experienced in magics, and can cast many spells using a variety of ingredients. He's also quite physically mobile despite his apparent age, but that may just be due to his magical prowess.


The good wizard Theodore has appeared in the following games: