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Shamus. What a leprechaun he is.

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Shamus the Leprechaun is, unsurprisingly, a leprechaun.


Shamus prefers to don traditional Irish leprechaun garb, green clothes, a golden buckle on his hat, and of course, a sheleighleigh for solving his problems.


In Dungeons 'n Dragons terms, Shamus would be termed as "chaotic neutral". He appears to work for himself instead of Zaks, but that doesn't mean he's friendly towards the Yolkfolk. If Dizzy wants his help, or even just wants him to get out of the way, it's going to take payment!


Shamus appears quite sturdy, but has a weakness for golden clovers. His sheleighleigh can solve most of his problems, however.


Shamus has appeared in the following games: