Rockwart 01

Rockwart, one of the rockiest and wartiest of the trolls.

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Rockwart is one a troll, and an antagonist in the Dizzy series of games.


Rockwart bares similar characteristics to other trolls, both inside and outside of the Dizzy universe. Squat, rough-skinned, sharp teeth, great physical strength and a foul odour are some of his best qualities.


Rockwart is a villain through-and-through. Before the evil wizard Zaks put him and all other trolls under a spell of complacency, the trolls used the Yolkfolk to labour in their diamond mines. Now that they are under Zaks' influence, they want nothing more than to capture the eggs for their master's evil schemes, and Rockwart is no different.


His great physical strength and endurance are worth noting, although he does have his weaknesses. For instance, he is terrifyed of fluffles.


Rockwart has appeared in the following Dizzy games: