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The clumsiest prince of all.

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Prince Clumsy is a neutral character, and heir to the throne of Keldor.


Prince Clumsy is easily spotted by his incredibly vibrant garb, not to mention his bright hair. Despite the amount of hostile creatures in Keldor, he has no guards, so he is also distinguishable by the Crossbow he carries for defense.


Prince Clumsy is, unsurprisingly, clumsy. When King, he aims to outlaw bananas - as he is always tripping on the skins! Under his clumsy demeanor however is an honest heart, as shown by his affection for Dora.


It is expect that Prince Clumsy is a good shot with his crossbow. However, this is never actually seen, so it is fair to say his own ability perhaps is his ability to be clumsy.


The clumsy Prince Clumsy has appeared in the following games: