Fantastic Dizzy
Fantastic dizzy cover eu
Fantastic Dizzy, EU Sega Mega Drive boxart

Release Date:

April 1991


Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, NES, Amiga, MS-DOS

Fantastic Dizzy is a videogame, part of the main Dizzy game series, released in 1991 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, NES, Amiga and MS-DOS. It is the 8th game to be released as part of the main series.


The Evil Wizard Zaks has emerged and has cast spells over the Yolkfolk! Dora's been turned into a frog, Grand Dizzy has fallen ill, and worst of all, Daisy has been kidnapped!

Strangely, it seems Dizzy himself is the only one unaffected, so it is up to him to gather the required stars, travel to Zak's castle, and save Daisy!


All the Yolkfolk are present in Fantastic Dizzy, along with several other characters.

The forces of good include:

The game also features several neutral characters:

And of course, the forces of evil, questionable or otherwise:


The gameplay followed the same route as previous Dizzy games, allowing the titular egg to carry up to 3 items at once to solve various puzzles.

A health bar was introduced, meaning enemies could deal damage without killing Dizzy outright, although many encounters were still one-hit kills. Fruit was strewn about the various areas which could restore parts of Dizzy's lost health, as well as providing points.

Lives were present, too, and a minigame involving Theodore allowed the player to gather extra lives.

Perhaps the biggest change was the introduction of Stars. 100 or 250 stars were scattered throughout the game, depending on which version you play. If the player proceeds to Zak's castle without first collecting all of these stars, they will find an electric barrier between them and the final goal. Some of these stars were located within the various mini-games (such as the Minecart ride), forcing players to replay them until all the stars were gathered.

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