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Dizzy, as seen on the cover of the NES version of the Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy.

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Dizzy is the titular character of the Dizzy game series, created by The Oliver Twins. He is also one of the Yolkfolk.


Dizzy is featured as an anthropomorphic egg, who usually wears red wellington boots and red boxing gloves. His egg-like shape was originally chosen as it was easy to animate and rotate on the early Amstrad and Spectrum systems.


Not much of Dizzy's personality is shown during games, as with most early platform games, the main protagnoist is mostly silent. However, he is always trying to help his friends and generally thwart evil, and along with his almost permanent cheery smile, it is safe to assume Dizzy is a generally happy and helpful sentient egg-being.


Dizzy's main ability is that of the ability to puzzle solve, as his adventures are almost always accompanied by many item-based puzzles standing between him and his goal.

Dizzy can also jump and roll, and with the aid of certain items, gains the ability to do many other physical activities such as swimming and breathing underwater.


Dizzy has appeared in the following games:

  • Dizzy – The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure - 1987
  • Treasure Island Dizzy (Dizzy II) - 1988
  • Fantasy World Dizzy (Dizzy III) - 1989
  • Dizzy 3 and a half: Into Magicland (Dizzy 3.5) - 1991
  • Magicland Dizzy (Dizzy IV) - 1990
  • Spellbound Dizzy (Dizzy V) - 1991
  • Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk - 1991/2011
  • Fantastic Dizzy - 1991
  • Crystal Kingdom Dizzy - 1992